“A land which devours those who dwell in it.”
~ Numbers 13:32

Before entering Israel, Moses sent a reconnaissance mission to spy it out. One of their findings was how tough life was there.

Is God sadistic – why make life in the Promised Land difficult?

The purpose of Israel is spiritual growth. In both Hebrew and English, the word ‘dwell’ also means to remain in one place. Those who don’t grow deteriorate, and are ‘devoured’.

Life in Israel is like running up an escalator: if you standing still spiritually, you’re going down.




“Moses counted them according to the word of God.”
~ Numbers 3:17

God commanded Moses to count every male over the age of twenty. However, Levites needed to be tallied from one-month-old.

Problem: neither new-borns nor nursing mummies are very mobile and Moses couldn’t enter people’s private tents!

Solution: God tells him to stand at each tent-entrance and He Himself would tell Moses how many children were inside.

The nature of personal growth demands new information that until now has been unavailable. Just show up, be present and the data will follow.



“Five of you will pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you will pursue ten thousand.”
~ Leviticus 26:8

Although we’re the People of the Book, there are times we have to fight. Therefore, one of the blessings that result from performing our national mission is sufficient strength to battle evil.

However, the math is wrong: if the ratio for five Jews is 1:20 enemies, then one hundred Jews should have pursued 2,000 – not 10,000!

This the exponential power of unity. You cannot compare a one-man-band to a symphony orchestra.

If in war, how much more so in peace?